The Good Shepherd's Keeper: Vol. I

a story by B. Civyl

     THE GOOD SHEPHERD'S KEEPER: VOL. I is the first in a three-part series of novels about a common family man who discovers his divinely appointed duty to lead humanity in the final war between good and evil.  When the devil incarnates himself as the resurrected Usama bin Laden, mailroom clerk and father, Elijah Cole, must rise to prominence and rally the world against the man being hailed as the Muslim messiah.  Should Elijah succeed, he will reign in a new era of world peace and prosperity.  But should he fail, the world will loathe his existence as the man responsible for unleashing God's wrath upon humanity.  In either case, his mission remains the same – to save as many as he can from the greatest evil to ever walk the Earth – but at what cost?  His sanity?  His loved ones?  The fate of humanity?  How much would you sacrifice to save the world, or at what point do you break and welcome the end of existence?


The Good Shepherd's Keeper takes you on a realistic, mystical, and futuristic journey all in one.  Elijah, the protagonist, is not a typical hero, but one who's willing to do what it takes to save humanity from itself.  The writing flows nicely to explore several themes: the nature of reality, mystical experiences, consequences of decisions, struggles in life and relationships, the belief in a higher power, and apocalyptic prophecies.  The novel has something for everyone, and gives an opportunity to contemplate about the world we live in and what might become of it.  I recommend this book and look forward to the next installment.

- Zeinab (Lebanon)

This book by a first-time author will appeal to both religious and non-religious readers. I cannot speak to how a religious person would approach this book as I fall into the latter category and have approached it as a mainstream thriller. The characters are drawn from real life. Even the hero Elijah is an average working-class man. Even though he turns into a prophet-like figure, he also remains to the reader a normal person who struggles with everyday issues as well as with the role into which he has been very reluctantly cast. I look forward to reading the next volume.

- Sally (Minnesota)

  • B. Civyl


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